A family affair

We have been to Martino's birthday party every year since he was two. Last summer he blew out five birthday candles.

We have witnessed first steps and first swims, we met new brothers and sisters (remember the lovely Teresa? ) and every year, all these kids never fail to teach us the real meaning of candid pictures. No poses, no rules: just life between 3-4-5 years old kids, completely careless of our presence and casual in front of the camera. The way it should be.

Thanks Sara, Andrea, Valentina and Paolo for this amazing opportunity.

Novella + Matteo - maternity shooting

Actually we don't love the name "maternity shooting" because you seem to lose something. That something is the feeling that, even if there's only two people and a baby bump, the people in front of you already are a real family. You can see that from Novella and Matteo's eyes, when they are looking at each other, and it's a shame you couldn't hear them talking of their soon-to-be daughter.

Beatrice was born exactly one week after this shot. We know that she will be so much loved, because she's born in a huge and amazing family - we know them so well, after one engagement session and two weddings - and we can't wait to meet her in person. 

As a friend said recently, she's a lucky girl because her parents made her the greatest gift: they truly and deeply wanted her.