Yes. We know you have lot of questions: we collected here the frequently asked ones.

"Where do you live? Do you travel for sessions?"

We live in the North of Italy, but we are willing to travel both through Italy and abroad for weddings, couple sessions, family sessions...

 "How long will it be the coverage on the wedding day?"

Our wedding service is a full-day option, that is we stay from the getting ready to the party. That means we usually get where the bride is getting ready about one hour and a half before the ceremony, and we stay around one hour after the cutting of the cake, during the party.

"How long will it take for the photos to be delivered?"

We will deliver at least 600 photos, all hi-res and fully edited, in 60 days. Usually it's even a shorter amount of time, if it's not our busiest period, but you should consider at least 30 days. If you want, we can post some previews on our FB page just few days after the wedding.

"What will we receive?"

We will deliver a DVD or usb key with all the hi-res, fully edited images (from 600, but usually 700-800 for full-day package)  and a slideshow with a soundtrack of your choice with the best moments of the day. All of the above will come in one of our personalized packaging - have a look here. If you live abroad you will receive our DVD by postal service.

"How do you deliver pictures?"

As soon as your photos are ready we'll upload them, mid-res, in a password protected folder for you to download them. When we will receive the payment of the invoice we will send the password to access the gallery and we will mail your box to you.  

"What about the album?"

You can choose from our wide collection of Albums and Photobooks. We will care about the design, but you can choose the pictures that will go inside, with a little help from us. You can modify the proof we will send you once for free. When we send your album to the printer, allow 30 days before the delivery. 

"How long will it take for bride and groom photos?"

Ideally we need half an hour, but if you want we can speed it up. Usually we tend to stay in the location where the reception is held, but if you like to move to some particularly interesting location not far, we will be happy to be your drivers & photographers.

"I got an idea!"

Great, we can't wait to hear it from you. We like the couples who want to be different with original and creative ideas, so that their wedding can tell their story. And that's why we offer a whole lot of additional services, like Polaroid Service & Book, Film Sessions, Photobooth and Trash the Dress. And of course everything that will come to your mind... feel free to ask!

"At the wedding could you please take a picture of me with...(fill the blank)?"

On your wedding day we are there for you. Always. So, please, feel free to ask photos with relatives or friends, or details that you really want to be in the pictures. We try to take photos of everything and everyone but it's not always easy, especially if you have a lot of guests. That's why we suggest to have your group shots done. Yes, they're a bit boring, but that way you will be sure to have a picture with everyone of the guests.

"We are camera-shy, we don't like pictures"

So we need to have confidence in each other. All the brides and grooms are beautiful and beaming with joy, on their wedding day: you will be the same! But if you need a perfect ice-breaker before the wedding we tend to suggest and engagement shoot. They're funny to think of, organize and shoot and we can build a photographic relationship in a relaxed and informal situation.

"Ok, we want you! When should we book you?"

As soon as you can! We have some weddings booked even a year before the actual date, but you should try even if your wedding day is not so far: maybe you will be lucky! Contact us at or use the contact folder here on the website. And make sure to include the day of your wedding, so we can check our availability. For the reservation to be effective we ask for 40% deposit and your signature on the contract we will send you.