N I C O L E  +  C H R I S - F l o r e n c e ,  I t a l y


Thank you again for taking AMAZING photos for our special day in Firenze!!! Honestly, Nicole and myself do not have any complaints, but we have several compliments! First, both of you were absolutely lovely to be around. You both always had a smile on your face, and made everything feel very comfortable. Second, you all took great direction in following our vision. If there were specific photos we wanted, you made sure that we received them! Lastly, there were no issues from the beginning when we first Skyped each other. We talked to a couple of other photographers and you truly listened to us and made us feel very important.

We are very lucky to have had you shoot our wedding and if we are ever in Italy again, and need photos, both of you will be the first I call!

10 out of 10, worth every penny! :)


R E E N A  +  M A T T  - F l o r e n c e ,  I t a l y

wedding photographer villa fontanelle

Leti & Viola were an absolutely pleasure to work with! From our initial meetings over Skype to the actual wedding, their easygoing attitude made them so comfortable to be around. We especially appreciated that, with so many things happening at the wedding, they never made us feel overwhelmed with their presence.
It’s obvious from the photos, but we have to mention that Leti & Viola are so talented! They managed to capture every single detail of the wedding and many of our friends told us they felt they were present at the wedding just by looking at the pictures. We absolutely love their candid and natural shots of people laughing, smiling and having a good time. We’re so happy that we chose you to capture the most important day of our lives! Thank you L&V!

V A L E N T I N A  +  M A X  -  T i c i n o ,  S w i t z e r l a n d

Difficile lasciare soltanto "due" parole per il fantastico lavoro che avete fatto il giorno del nostro matrimonio (e naturalmente anche in seguito con tutto il lavoro di elaborazione). Ci abbiamo pensato tanto, ma non abbiamo critiche... Un'esperienza positiva sotto tutti gli aspetti: feeling, professionalità, disponibilità, discrezione e una grande sensibilità. Entrambe bravissime, precise ed attente. Posare per degli scatti per noi non é mai stato così facile: ci avete messi subito a nostro agio, aiutandoci a mantenere la "spontaneità" di quel fantastico momento.
Non possiamo fare altro che consigliarvi a tutti. Tornando indietro sceglieremmo ancora voi, indubbiamente!
Grazie di cuore, siete fantastiche.

J E N  +  S T U A R T  -  L a k e  C o m o ,  I t a l y

Tonight we cooked an Italian dinner, opened a bottle of Chianti and looked through so many beautiful moments you captured of our wedding day. In a moment, we were whisked back to Lake Como. You managed to bring us so much more than beautiful images of our wedding - you really captured moments throughout the day - a cheeky smile, an intimate dancing moment, family & happiness. You have so beautifully captured not just us but our friends & family on our wedding day. We're so happy we found you - thank you!!




S I O B H A N  +  C H R I S  -  F l o r e n c e ,  I t a l y

L & V were amazing on our wedding day! We had never met before because we had a destination wedding; but they was more than we could ever hope for. L&V were able to blend in so well that your guests will literally will not realise they’re being photographed. L&V delivered a beautiful set of images that capture many very happy memories - I'm sure we will continue to enjoy looking through them for years to come.


L  I S A  +  P A T R I C K  -  V e n e t o ,  I t a l y

Leti & Viola are the best of the best!!! Right from the beginning of our wedding planning journey, we knew that one of our top priorities was finding an amazing photographer to capture those oh so precious moments. I was quite an anxious bride, worried something might go terribly wrong. So to me it was really important that I’d be comfortable with the people we work with. Luckily, with Leti & Viola we hit the Jackpot! we instantaneously loved those two and it felt like we had been friends for years. They understood what we wanted and needed, were super fun to work with and they simply have an amazing style of photography. We couldn’t be happier with the photos we got and I personally hope that we’ll have a chance to work with them again some day – or at least meet up for coffee with those awesome ladies. Thank you for everything!!!


A M B E R  +  M A S S I  - T o r i n o ,  I t a l y

We got the package!  The card you sent with the box was sooo sweet.  We loved having you guys there--as photographers and as guests.  The pictures and slideshow are just stunning, and I think we'll have Christmas cards and gifts to make out of them for the next several years. The debate now is which ones we should frame!   :)


C E C I L I A  *  C O S T A N T I N O  -  G a v i ,  P i e d m o n t

Dolcezza, eleganza, delicatezza ma anche grinta, determinazione e una contagiosissima carica di energia necessaria per il giorno più bello.
Non smetteremo mai di ripetere che siete state una delle scelte migliori che potessimo fare per il nostro matrimonio, perché voi non fotografate solo con un obiettivo, ma con il cuore.
Grazie ancora per aver avuto la sensibilità di racchiudere le nostre emozioni in uno scatto.

R A C H E L  +  G E O R G E  -  T u s c a n y ,  I t a l y

You both are so sweet to send this right away.  I'm having a really busy day at work today, but did sneak a few minutes to quickly scroll through the blog post.  I don't even know what to say...I'm sitting at my desk and literally my eyes welled up with tears... these are absolutely beyond beautiful.  What you have captured in just the few photos I have seen are beyond amazing and I'm still just speechless.  I will probably need to have a box of tissue and set aside a few hours to sit and really soak up and enjoy your superb talent when I see the full gallery.  I can't wait to get home... but first I have to complete a work deadline for end of day!!! It was our pleasure to have you at our wedding and I am truly blessed to have been paired with your talent! Grazie mille!!!