In these years we’ve seen lots of beautiful weddings, from intimate ones to big parties of family and friends from all over the world. Each time we have learnt something that can be useful for our couples, and also for us, to do our job at best.


getting ready

During this time, being super excited and nervous is absolutely normal!

That’s the reason why we suggest to get ready in a calm, tidy and neutral space. Both in your own house, or in a room in your venue, we have some tips for you, so that the pictures come out beautifully.

  • the more natural light, the better. Glass doors and big windows are absolutely a do, while dark rooms and artificial light can be tricky.
  • let’s tidy up the room: if you don’t want your first wedding gown pictures with some bags and shoes on the background, you should have a corner of the room for all this kind of stuff, while the rest of the space remains clean and tidy
  • organize! You can ask to your best friend or maid of honor to collect all the things we need for detail shots, like invitations, shoes, rings and all the little things you want us to catch. That way we can shoot them faster, without missing important moments during the getting ready. Oh, and if you can ask to the florist some flowers for the styling, that would be absolutely great!


The moments of the ceremony are priceless and unique. We love the authentic feelings and expressions we see in your faces during the bride’s arrival, the exchange of the rings, and so on. To be sure not to miss them, we need to be free to move. 

If you have the chance to do so, please ask to your family and friends to avoid using their phones or tablets all the time. We perfectly understand they may want a quick shot of you two, but they need to do that without interfering with our movements, otherwise we cannot guarantee an high quality work.


couple pictures

That’s one of our favorite moments of the whole day. It will take about 20 minutes, or a bit more, if you’re ok with that, and usually it will be at sunset, when the light is soft and low.

It will be a great moment for you too, because that’s when you will realize to be husband and wife. Yes, you made it! To portray all these special feelings, it’s extremely important for us to be alone with you - if you want some pictures with your wedding party there's plenty of time to shoot them before or after your session. And don’t worry, we know it’s not always easy to be natural in front of a camera, and to make you feel comfortable and at ease is part of our work. We'll lead you throughout this moment, suggesting flattering poses and always looking for the best light.



At this time we swear you will be absolutely relaxed and you will be having fun, in company of your friends. We’ll go on shooting all that is happening in a documentary, unobtrusive way. We’ll shoot the first minutes of the dinner, and then we’ll leave you and your guest alone to enjoy the meal, without having our camera pointed to your faces :)  Anyway, we’ll be around in case you need us, and that’s why it would be great to have a staff table not too far from the dinner hall.

We can't wait to be with you on such a special day!

Leti e Viola