PNW - The great Pacific Northwest on Film

Our favorite photographers come from the Pacific Northwest.

One of our fav tv series was filmed in Washington State.

Our fav magazine, and all the slow life inspiration we love so much, was crated there, and their HQ is even more gorgeous than you would expect.

And then, there is a magical place, we always dreamed of visiting. 

So here you are our travel reportage. Oregon and Washington States, and a stopover in the beautiful Chicago, who has the best film shop ever seen. (Almost) everything was shot on film, unless it was too windy ( oh, Chicago winds!), cold or rainy. Because a slow, meaningful life means savoring every bite of it, with no hurry, or pressure, even the one that forces you to constantly check pictures on a screen, after you click the shutter. Hope you can enjoy it. Slowly, of course.

Shot with Contax 645 + Carl Zeiss 80mm f/2 + Kodak Portra 400 + Kodak Portra 800. Dev & Scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

At times, when the contax was not handy, or it was too cold or rainy we also shot digital, with a  Nikon D800 + 50mm f/1.4. Here you are some more pics:

Travel series: Japan

It is a land that engenders metaphors. It has been likened to an onion: layers and layers surrounding - nothing. It has been described as a maze, a fortress, a garden. A prison. A paradise. But for some, Japan is none of these. For some, Japan is a highway."

Per ogni viaggio che inizia, per ogni via percorsa ce n'è un'altra che ci aspetta, quando torniamo a casa. Fatta di ricordi e sensazioni, in una dimensione simile al sogno, che senza che davvero ce ne rendessimo conto ci ha cambiati, fa parte di noi, nella pelle, nel cuore, negli occhi.  Il Giappone, con la sua cultura piena di armonia e contrasti, tra tecnologia e spiritualità, sa come rapirti, come sorprenderti, con la gentilezza dei suoi abitanti, con la sua natura rigogliosa, con i silenzi nei luoghi sacri, con le luci delle grandi città.

Il Giappone sa come non essere dimenticato. 

"è una terra che ispira metafore. Qualcuno l'ha definita un labirinto, una fortezza, un giardino. Una prigione. Un paradiso. Ma per alcuni il Giappone non è niente di tutto questo. Per qualcuno, il Giappone è una via da percorrere." 

Will Ferguson

Tokyo | Kyoto | Nara | Osaka | Matsumoto| Kobe | Hikune | Kanazawa

Photography is within us

La fotografia fa parte di noi, del nostro modo di raccontare storie, è nella vita quotidiana, nel lavoro, nelle esperienze che condividiamo. Cresce con noi e ogni volta ci insegna qualcosa di nuovo.
Anche in un viaggio dall'altra parte del mondo.

Photography is within us. It's in our way of telling stories, in our daily life, in our work, in the experiences we share. It grows with us and it never fails to teach us something new. 
Also when we are half a world away.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan

Travel Series: London

It's no surprise we love to travel. As any photographer, we love it even more because we do that with our bodies and minds and our cameras. So it's not unusual for us to spend half an hour in a small, and apparently uninteresting little alley, taking photos like crazy just because the light is great, or waiting for the perfect moment when a passer-by makes a much more interesting composition in our viewfinder. 

That being said, if you don't like photos, do not travel with us. Ever. But if you do, be prepared because this year we'll bring you in three of our most treasured destinations around the world, starting with one of our fav cities in Europe.

We have always loved London, and now we love it even more because during our three-day stay we met wonderful, creative people like Anna, a very talented Italian photographer who moved there and started her photography business, Bianco Photography, and Marco, the man behind the amazing project of People in Photobooth.

All shot with: Nikon D700 & Nikon D800 + Nikkor 50mm. Less is more.